Kwinana Freeway Widening Project

Hi Steve/Ash,

As we are nearing completion of the Kwinana freeway northbound widening i just wanted to say thanks for your support ,and knowledge sharing, of one of the bigger packages we had on our project which was the Noise walls . These walls look very good as a finished product but I don’t think its really understood the effort and challenges that are overcome to erect these walls . There are over 5.5 kms of walls  which  has augured footings at 600mm in width  3.2mtrs deep every 4 mitres apart , extensive survey requirements to set Steele cages so these can be poured . A big part of this process is dealing with the water table . Dewatering solutions came on board when our water challenges were at its worst middle of winter water table had risen, and to meet program we needed the support from Dewatering solutions. Your staffs knowledge of pumps having the right tools for the job is second to none in the 20 yrs I have been in the industry . Working with Dewatering Solutions was very easy especially as your team had to work in with all other contractors associated with the install of the Noise walls having areas set up in advance for our contractors to carry on with . Nothing was to hard your willingness to help even if its not in your contract made our project flow. The way Dewatering solutions managed our ground water was 1st class and I appreciate your staffs efforts and attitude to safety with compiling with site policies .

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