environmental impacts of dewatering solutions

Responsible Dewatering Solutions and Environmental Concerns

We believe premium environmental management services are an integral aspect of a quality dewatering contract.

For the Dewatering Solutions team, surface water and groundwater management and waste treatment must include conscientious care. We consistently focus on delivering environmentally sensitive practices.

Dewatering and the Environment

At Dewatering Solutions, we are always conscious of working to protect the West Australian environment. Groundwater and surface water affect the biodiversity of the area. Careless dewatering risks harmfully impacting local water bodies.

Ongoing uncontrolled and unmonitored dewatering can deplete an area’s groundwater. Dewatering large amounts over an extended period require serious evaluation to avoid draw-down reducing local water resources.

Increased sediment pollution in waterways is one possible hydrogeological impact of earthworks and construction. Dewatering done properly should not contribute to levels beyond acceptable parameters.

Uninformed dewatering can result in accidental adverse environmental impact, especially when seasonal conditions contribute added surface water to work sites, and no efforts are made to combat an unbalancing effect on ecology.

Mitigating Impact

Dewatering Perth groundwater that contains pollutants can cause contamination if not properly addressed. Likewise, when groundwater is extracted without planning or evaluation, follow-on far-reaching ground settlement can result.

Obviously, spreading pollutants or destabilising nearby structures is not acceptable, and when your dewatering procedure is handled by our professional team these potentials are easily avoided via the use of careful technologies.

A comprehensive assessment addresses these issues with a dewatering strategy that meets client needs while maintaining environmental goals. Ongoing monitoring, management, and eventual closure reporting are essential.

Among our services are asbestos risk assessment and management, not just for the safety of the environment, but also your team. Laboratory and daily field water testing are among Dewatering Solutions environmentally sensitive services.

Effluent Management

Our dewatering effluent management and treatment includes PH adjustment unit, sandtraps, and clarifiers. We are careful to maintain 24/7 monitoring of effluent waste water, incorporating remote water level monitoring.

Our specialist team will determine if the dewatering effluent can be recharged safely. Environmentally sensitive considerations are taken into account when determining if the effluent requires treatment, settlement or aeration.

Dewatering effluent is treated and discharged according to legislative guidelines. We meet and may exceed all legal requirements pertaining to dewatering practices in Western Australia.

Where necessary, we obtain the appropriate environmental approvals before installing a dewatering system. We recognise the dewatering procedure must prioritise environmental care at every stage of the process.

Our Dewatering Solution Services

At Dewatering Solutions, we offer extensive deep well dewatering, well point dewatering, and sump/open pump dewatering services. Whatever the process, our cost-effective strategies incorporate steps to reduce environmental impact.

Our team can offer modelling of groundwater draw-down. The focus is on making sure our environmental solutions work within your schedule. We understand the importance of time-efficient service.

With decades of experience in the industry, we know the importance of a stellar reputation and will guarantee approval of our environmental management plans, licences, and applications.

If you have any queries regarding our procedures, our customer service team will be happy to answer your questions. As a West Australian company, we value our state’s unique environment.

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