Dewatering Solutions recognise the importance of sustaining an environmentally sensitive operation. We are committed to operating responsibly and in fulfilment of compliance obligations relating to our services. DWS operate with and maintain good relations with all regulatory bodies.

The environmental management of a dewatering project is as important as the dewatering itself. The impact of the water and soil quality and offsite draw-down can be detrimental to the environment if not assessed and managed correctly.

Dewatering Solutions provide extensive environmental management services:

  • Dewatering management plans
  • Dewatering effluent Management & treatment –
    • PH Adjustment unit (PAU)
    • Sandtraps
    • Clarifers
  • 24/7 Monitoring of effluent
    • Remote Water level monitoring
  • Modelling of groundwater draw-down
  • Development of monitoring programs
  • Facilitation of the application for various dewatering licenses
  • Ongoing monitoring services
  • Asbestos risk assessment and management
  • Environmental approvals
  • Dewatering investigations
  • Ongoing management and closure reporting
  • Daily field water testing
  • Laboratory testing
  • Monitoring bore installation