importance of dewatering in construction project

Key Importance of Construction Site Dewatering

Dewatering contributes to site safety, reliable foundations, and helps maintain the contract schedule.

At Dewatering Solutions, we understand the West Australian environment and have spent decades perfecting techniques that ensure dewatering processes provide premium construction site conditions.

Dewatering and the Work Site

Dewatering is used to address not just water on the surface, but also groundwater. Removing the water helps lower the water table, ensuring soil can properly support the structure you are building.

Dewatering is a common step for construction. During the project, you may encounter further water build-up that could impact the performance of foundational elements. Trust us to address the dewatering needs that arise.

Peak Conditions

Reducing the water table means your crew arrives to begin work in more reliable workplace conditions. The best construction scenario is a site prepped by a professional dewatering contractor.

We generally recommend an analysis of the process before the project commences. The Dewatering Solutions team can advise on the dewatering technique suited to your requirements.

Seasonal Care

Wintery weather causes havoc for many a contract schedule. Muddy sites that worsen over time lead to difficult workplace conditions, increasing the risk for your crew and slowing performance overall.

Our team can address the accumulated water that rainfall is causing in excavation and trenches. Contact us to discuss flooding on site and the best way to combat an increase in the water table.

Health and Safety

A water-soaked site can prove a serious liability when maintaining a safe working environment, increasing the chance of a team member potentially slipping and incurring a workplace injury.

A water-logged site affects equipment as much as crew. Costs may increase as water impacts the smooth running of operations, and causes technical difficulties. As a result, your schedule will suffer.

Environmental Care

We take care to consider the best way to sustain the environment at every step of the process. Decades of experience mean we maintain compliance with all regulations pertaining to dewatering.

Dewatering effluent is treated and discharged according to regulatory body guidelines. As a privately-owned West Australian company, we believe in accountability and are serious about protecting the community at large.

Additional Benefits

Dewatering your site has other positive effects. On long work sites, by-products of the construction process may contaminate water that becomes a breeding ground for pests and bacteria.

We don’t complicate the construction process: we contribute to conditions that help streamline and simplify, by reducing and eliminating the risk of what might otherwise be unforeseen complications.

Dewatering Procedures

Our record for successful mobile dewatering in Perth spans many construction scenarios. Whether deep well dewatering, well point dewatering, sump/open pump dewatering, or a specific combination, depends on the situation.

Extensive knowledge of WA’s ground conditions means your company can trust our expert team. If needed we facilitate application for any required dewatering licencing. Our goal is always to keep your schedule viable.

We Prioritise Performance

As local dewatering specialists, our solutions lower risk, and contribute to peak performance on-site, while remaining environmentally sensitive. We use world-class, state-of-the-art equipment that provides exemplary service.

We’re known for our customer care, on-call 24/7. System installation won’t delay your crew. Get in touch with Dewatering Solutions to discuss a cost-effective dewatering program for your next construction project.

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